Locked Inside the Bloodiest 47 acres in America

In the words of the great crypt keeper, “Hello boils and ghouls are you in for a scream?”

Tonight’s tawdry tale is one of grand escapades throughout a maximum security prison. A lockup with the undead if you will. Last fall is when our story begins, it was a warm September night with my fellow paranormal partner in crime. We decided that a midnight tour of the Missouri State Penitentiary was in order. Now some of you may have seen Ghost Adventures, Ghost Hunters and Ghost Stalkers film at this location. But if you have not let me give you a little bit of back information. The MO State Pen was built in 1836 and shut down in 2004. It housed many infamous and deadly inmates. Along with its bloody history it also suffered a great riot in 1954 and a working gas chamber. Located on the bank of the Missouri river in Jefferson City, MO this building stands like a great titan filled with deadly secrets.

Anyhow, since we live just 20 minutes away, we decided why not do another hunt because to be honest we were plan ole bored and haven’t experienced a hunt in a couple months. So we decided to go to prison. Yes that was our Facebook status and it was epic.

As the sunset and the tour finally began, we were consumed with the tales of exactly why this prison of all places was awarded the title of The Bloodiest 47 acres in America. I mean it has a lot of competition in the USA if you think about it, I mean battle grounds people, yet IT earned it….yep not creepy in the least. Armed with our tiny flashlights, cell phone cameras…. yes I know I’m a photographer, I should have took my big camera, but let’s face it. Too hot, too heavy and I’m lazy lol We set out throughout the cell blocks while the guides relived past experiences. The first thing we noticed was the feeling of being watched. I mean hardcore, “What the hell are you looking at? Take a picture it will last longer.” Being watched. That didn’t escalate till we got into one of the main halls that was  home the  infamous “dungeon”.

This is a literal black hole, which was segregation for years. No light was  ever permitted down there, and food was thrown on the floor. Many inmates would be housed together in these tight, less that habitable rooms. Which of course the tour guides locked us IN and shut off all the lights, and told us not to make a sound for many minutes. But I will get back to that. When we got to explore the hall before going into the dungeon, I first noticed shadows, dark shadows that were much darker than the unlit cells. I took tons of pictures, didn’t manage to catch a thing. Yet my nerves began to become electric, I started seeing shadows everywhere. Yet the most awesome one, was a black mass that looked like it was going back and forth down the catwalk that was two stories above me. This trend of shadows and tension lasted all night. Yet escalated for everyone in the group when we were in the dungeon. I stood there, calm…it was cool. I mean temperature cool, a nice change from the sweltering upstairs. About three minutes in I would say we started to hear faint voices, some of us chucked it up to other tourists whispering but as soon as it started a cell door slammed shut as hard as it could a little bit away from us. It scared the crap not only out of a lot of the visitors but the guides as well. Our main guide was pale white and very shaky after that, which is understandable she was new and a sceptic telling others ghost stories not her own. And we all knew for a fact where it was, no one was near that door and there was no way to debunk it.

So of course after the dungeon came, death row. The feelings in that place once you walked inside made you want to run for the hills, and the guides got out of there as quick as you can say riot. It took about 30 minutes for them to regain their composure and tell tales of the riot, and how they had to evacuate most of the town when they used the gas chamber. Awesome story which I wont ruin for anyone wanting to visit there. Yet the worst feeling of all the night, wasn’t being watched, followed or scared by the spirits but the residual feeling within the gas chamber. It is…unexplainable.  So before I let this tale go too long, and I tell every experience and detail I will leave you with this. GO! Explore! If you love history, it will feed your soul and if you believe and want to experience the paranormal you wont be disappointed. Bring a flashlight though! And water, that doesn’t hurt either.

Till next time kiddies! And if you have any tales from the darkside please share them. I know I’m dieing to hear them. lol dieing…. get it.



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