Writer’s Block… We All are Afflicted


I figured out along time ago that as a writer, you will eventually get writer’s block. At the moment I am currently many of the poor sufferers of this horrible disease. No seriously, sometimes it feels like you want to give up, you’re no good, it will never go away.

It will, here are a few tips that I have learned through the years to help spark imagination and get out of your writing slump.


If you keep looking at it, the worse it shall become. It’s like trying to lose weight and checking the scale every ten minutes. Doesn’t work.

Second: Read a book/ or Watch TV or a Movie.

This is important to get out of your head. You need to live another’s life, love another’s love. Have an out of body experience. This will help relax and jostle ideas.

Third: Jot down every idea no matter how silly, write bits and pieces and then put them all together later. Much like a puzzle. You don’t need the whole solution, only part.

Know your never alone with writer’s block. Push Back against the wall, write something different even. Start a whole new story, collaborate with friends. It will go away and you will be happy you never gave up.

Do any of you have unique ways of getting inspired? Please share and let me know.




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