Midnight Rant about The Elite by Keira Cass

It’s interesting as you become engulfed within the pages of a book how you relate the characters. How in essence you use the cover as a portal and are magically transported, becoming said character. Well while discovering a new series to read as I very slowly recover from illness, I find myself in a conundrum. Yes, I love the main character but… find myself disagreeing with her on many occasions. Especially when it comes to the love triangle within the book. A quote struck me as the optima of this disagreement.

“Was I a Five or a Three? When this was over, would I be a Two or a One? Would I live out my days as an officer’s wife or a King’s? Would I slide quietly into the background in which I’d always be comfortable or force myself into the spotlight I’d always feared?”- The Elite by Kiera Cass

Personally, because of how I gauged her relationship with both men. Their responses to her.. I can’t believe she would even consider the one I… well I don’t hate him but he’s certainly not “My” type or choice. I mean I will keep reading on, especially since there are more novels but it is a bit aggravating. I won’t keep going on because for those who have not read The Selection Series and want to I won’t spoil anything.

Has there been any books that you liked, but have been a bit disappointed in the characters because you feel they make the wrong decisions? Tell me in the comments or shoot me a message!!


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