Who wants to sit shotgun on a trip to horror central …. Using the Hellevator that is?

So last October “my” kind of game show finally appeared just in time to scare the pants off unsuspecting scardey cats. Two amazing “Twisted Sisters” run the show. Omg I would love to be one of them or simply work for them. Anyway, the show finally got added to Hulu and I introduced it to my {Interject evil laughter- wwahhhhaahhhha} unsuspecting horror obsessed friend.

Now most people would freak out and be like, I would never do that. Not Us! we looked up casting information and would surly rule it…unfortunately they only cast people in Southern California… not MO. That however didn’t stop our commentary and gut wrenching laughter as the participants freaked out during the four levels of Hell, they had to endure with a different theme/story each week. I mean they even added the story of H.H Holmes. America’s first multi murderer and his murder castle. Ye your read that correctly he had a MURDER CASTLE!!!!

One day I would love to be able to write the paranormal stories they base some of their tests on. You know the ones that eventually turn into urban legends and go down in infamy as “that totally happened man, My cousins best friend saw it kind of thing” Or was the reference way to ]1990’s dated? Oh Well, I’m a 90’s baby and proud of it.

So if your addicted to horror anything check out Hellevator, it’s a screaming good time kiddies!! If you already love Hellevator what was your favorite episode so far, and what do you hope they do in season2?





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