Sometimes written words need an extra push! That’s why they made book trailers!

I know I’m not the only one…when your reading a book your mind’s eye creates an image and its almost like a movie behind your eyes. Well the same thing happens when you write a book and in my case I have created several really bad, and I mean realllllly bad book trailers to help get the creative juices flowing and attract readers. Honestly, I don’t use them or show them to anyone but myself any more because they help me direct and fix what I need when I am drawing a huge blank.

So for the first time in years I am sharing with you, my best attempt at a book trailer for my novel The Unforgiven: Crave Book One in the Unholy Trinity Chronicles. Yes I know the scenes are from TV shows, no copyright was intended but the look was lol. Enjoy! If you like there are links in the menu to the real thing.  Also have you ever made a book trailer or fan vid, did you enjoy it? Tell me about it!!


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