The Curious Case of the Funko Pop Box

So I had a conundrum. I love Funko pop figures, I mean we have  over sixty of them and counting. I use them to mostly decorate shelves, bookcases and movie cases. They are cute and cheap and just strange lol. Yet I take them out of the awesome boxes that they come in and to be honest the boxes took up so much room being clutter that it was ridiculous and made me feel like a hoarder. So I started to throw away the plastic insides and break down the boxes to save…. yep still felt like a hoarder. I mean what on earth was I really going to do with the boxes. EUREKA!! Make them bookmarks!!!

So I decided to cut off the side panel that showed the character and number, and throw away the rest creating amazing Funko bookmarks that let me make what made the box awesome useful.


So if your a reader, have tons of pop boxes you don’t really want to throw away, maybe these DIY Funko Pop Bookmarks will do the trick so clear out some clutter and give you some awesome reading material holders all at the same time.


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