All Hallow’s Eve Recommendation list

Happy Samhain, All Hallow’s Eve, Halloween or what ever you want to call it! Hi Everyone, it’s only a few days till my all time favorite time of the year. So I wanted to share this year’s Halloween reading recommendations. There truly are sooo many that fit in this category and loving horror books so much this list could be infinitely long but I narrowed it down to these 15. Side note: Definitely check out any Stephen King novel, I didn’t add any on this list because there are so many I would add and that’s a list all itself.

So Here we go, these are in no particular order, and I added in a little bit of every reading taste not just gore.


The Asylum Series by Madeline Roux. First off it’s filled with ubber creepy photographs of Asylums and characters. It surrounds a teen who gets accepted into a college prep program that was formally an insane asylum, but not any asylum. One that loved experimenting on patients, and come to find out this teen is more connected to the asylum in more ways then he thought. If you love creepy but not very scary I highly recommend all the Asylum novels and novellas.



Next is Stalking Jack the Ripper by Kerri Maniscalco. It’s a brand new historical fiction that centers around a privileged young woman who has a secret, she loves to study gruesome forensics and in turn a love for the ripper himself. If you love bloody, gruesome, shocking books with amazing writing and awesome pictures this read is for you!!






Anne Rice is a given, but the first three books in The Vampire Chronicles will always be my personal favorites. Interview with the vampire, The Vampire Lestate, and Queen of the Damned. No not the movies, books are very different. These are sultry and seductive just like it’s main character Lestate de Lioncourt. I know most of you have seen or at least heard about these but if you haven’t they are historical paranormal fiction revolving around a French vampire and his trials throughout his ever long life. They are amazing!!





Continuing on with the vampire theme, the Vampire Academy series by Richelle Mead. One of my all time favorite series revolving around a dhampir named Rose, her gorgeous god of an instructor plus crush Demetri and best friend who is also a vampire princess, Lissa. It’s an amazing adventure with an amazing romance in my opinion, great for all ages. Yeah I know vague but I really don’t want to include spoilers and I could go on about this series forever.





Jessica’s Guide to Dating on the Dark side by Beth Fantaskey. This is an emotional rollercoaster in a good way. the writing is incredible because it’s one of those books that makes you feel the main character’s emotions. Jessica is a high school student who turns out is a one, princess and two betrothed to a high class, vampire prince douche… she thinks. He can’t stand her American, country girl ways and she can’t believe one he’s a vampire and two that she could ever tolerate him. If you love great YA romances and vampire antics please try this book on for size.




I don’t care what age you are Scary Stories to tell in the dark by Alvin Schwartz are amazing!! They are short stories and poems that came out in the 90’s and are still just as amazing and creepy today as they were then.




You cannot have Halloween without Edgar Allan Poe, the complete collection. Yes this copy is torn up a bit but its over 80 years old and was gift from my grandfather. If you don’t know who or have ever read anything from Poe, I can’t be friends with you.. I’m joking. He has dark, beautiful and bloody stories. No dark and stormy night is complete without The Raven…. Nevermore.






Yes, these are the same book…. I hate the new cover and title, but they decided to change both for the new generation. The Last Vampire aka Thirst by Christopher Pike. It’s a bit old school vampire but surrounds a badass vampire named Alisa who has to not only deal with her creator returning and wanting something from her along with a new romance that might be the death of her. I was obsessed with this series in middle school and it never loses its awesomeness.



Ok maybe I should have named this my vampire recommendations… I love vampires so oh well. This is the Dangerous Girls duology by the great R.L Stine. These books revolve around a pair of twins that come back from summer camp thirsting for blood, could they be turning into vampires? And the real question who wants to be human? A great creepy read by Stine that made me fall in love with these sisters and their “friends” at camp. A Lost boys, yes the movie, for female readers.



Ok this is a classic in an amazing new way. I mean for the social media freaks out there. Bekka Black wrote Bram Stoker’s Dracula in the form of emails, texts, and other social media posting. Dracula for the 21st century. A great couple hour read. Check it out.






Now for those who love a little dystopia and some criminal behavior I recommend the Escape from Furnace series by Alexander Gordon Smith. This is a five part series about a prison that when your caught they literally throw away the key and throw you into this underground prison/work camp place with no chance of ever getting out. Also some of the prisoners end up disappearing and these evil guards/monsters appear. Creepy, scary and thrilling!!





Now this is a half an half. I love the Anita Blake series by Laurell K Hamilton but only up to a certain point where she switched from paranormal fiction to paranormal erotica. I only recommend about the first ten novels in the series. It revolves around a necromancer named Anita and her trials with the paranormal underworld that she is involved in, including a handsome alpha werewolf, smug vampire and every kind of dead thing in between.  Short exciting reads!





Another oldie but a goodie. Remember Me by Christopher Pike. Shari Cooper, wakes up dead. Yes I know great tagline. Its about a girl who was at a party with her friends and ends up.. well dead as a doornail. She manages to find her killer but the real problem is that instead of justice, revenge is a dish best served cold.. by a ghost that is. I know terrible puns. Its a super short and exciting read!!





No Halloween list would be complete without Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children. I mean if you don’t know anything about this book, where have you been.  I’m not going to go into much detail but its a story that revolves around the creepy awesome pictures inside. Check it and the movie out!







Last but certainly not least The Supernatural companion book collection for joining in on the hunt. We Have The Mythology of Supernatural, Book of Monsters, spirits, demons and ghouls. Bobby Singer’s guide to hunting, John Winchester’s Journal, Supernatural nevermore and witch’s canyon. Yes there all about the CW show Supernatural, and yes I am a huge SPN Fangirl. Team Dean!!  But these are fun Halloween reads that are a bit of everything for everyone because yall are not all about blood, gore and super scary like me.

So Thanks to everyone who joined me here, please let me know what you think of these or your own recommendations for this years All Hallow’s Eve. And as always I’ll talk to you ghouls later.



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