{Guest Blogger: Mummy Dearest’s}Fictional Boyfriend Tag


Marie R aka Mummy Dearest stopping in Ghouls and boils to continue the challenge made by D.J for the fictional boyfriend tag! Let’s start this wrap up, shall we.

Most Romantic Boyfriend? Dick Grayson aka Nightwing created by DC comics because out of all the Robin’s he’s the most romantic and endearing towards Barbara which makes him the most romantic in my book.

Dark and Moody Bad Boy with a Good Side? Jared Howe from The Host by Stephenie Meyer because in the book he was very dark and moody towards Wanda, when he couldn’t figure out she wasn’t the girl he loved and couldn’t figure out how to get her back. Just that alone because of the anger about the girl he loved makes him my favorite dark and moody bad boy.

Paranormal Boyfriend? Jean-Claude from the Anita Blake Series by Laurell K Hamilton. One simple reason he’s Fabio with black hair.

Boyfriend you want to tame? Shell Thropp from The Wicked Years Series by Gregory Maguire. I would want to tame him because Shell is wild, he’s nothing but wild. He’s all about thrills and adventure and what gets him high on adrenaline. He needs someone to baseline him. I’d love to be that person.

Boyfriend you friend zoned? Barry Allen aka The Flash created by DC Comics because Im not a fan of the fucking flash, lol no he’s more of a brother type. You want to confide in but not pillow talk. {I say this as I’m wearing a Flash T-shirt lmao}

Your soul mate? Carter Hall aka Hawkman created by DC comics,  Carter is my soulmate because I really am Shiyera Hall in my other life… I wish.

Boyfriend you want to elope with? Clayton Danvers from Bitten by Kelly Armstrong. I would elope him so hard!!

Boyfriend you’d venture anywhere with? Jacob Jankowski from Water for Elephants by Sara Gruen. Yep I’m stealing D.J’s I mean who wouldn’t want to travel with the freaking circus!!

Boyfriend you’d want to be stranded on a desert island with? Jason Todd aka The Red Hood created by DC comics because I was told just because it’s Jason Todd wasn’t a great answer. Jason is a street kid, which makes him resourceful. Not only I would probably be off the island in like 10 minutes because he’s a fucking bat kid but I mean who wouldn’t want to be stuck on an island with Jason. Only infidels that don’t know what their talking about lol

Most Badass boyfriend? Emmett Cullen from The Twilight Series by Stephenie Meyer because the real question if why isn’t he yours. Emmett is my favorite interpretation of bear, and not  “bear” in a sexual since. He’s strong protective, a man of muscle.

Bonus questions 11: Royal Boyfriend? Fiyero Tiggelaar from The Wicked Years series by Gregory Maguire because I was blessed with a blond curl and he’s the only royal of fiction that I actually like.


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