Illuminae {Book Review-Spoiler Free}



Well last night I finished Illuminae by Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff. Book one in the Illuminae Files series.

It was…OMFG WOW. WOW is really the only word that comes to mind I’m in LOVE with this trilogy. EPIC, AMAZING, EXCITING, ROMANTIC, HERATBREAKING, FREAKIN HILARIOUS, TERRIFYING (in a great way).  All adjectives I would definitely use when describing Illuminae.

First off for anyone who has never heard of Illuminae it is a Sci-Fi YA novel that surrounds two teenagers, their love or for a hot minute- lack their of- story, all while fighting their way through not only the invasion of their world but the collateral damage that soon follows upon science vessel Hypatia and Battleship Alexander.

What makes this 600 page masterpiece a unique work of art is not just the story and characters but how it’s written. It is told through a collection of memorandums, interviews, schematics, web page entries, emails, IM’s.. you name it, they used it as a way of writing this book.

Initially I was bombarded with images of this novel on booktube, which peeked my interest to say the least. Yet I am not really a huge Sci-Fi fan. I mean I love watching Star Trek the Next Gen but that’s about as Sci-Fi as I get. But I was hooked after reading the first interview where you meet two of the main characters. Kady & Ezra, the newly broken up couple. Immediately the characters personalities won me over, they are romantic, spunky and brilliant. I mean Kady’s IM handle is ByteMe !!

I found Kady so relatable and her relationship with Ezra is incredibly real. Also I am kind of biased, Ezra signs his notes E and his birthday is 3/17 which are both my hubby’s initial and bday lol.

Man it is so hard not giving spoilers!!! ok so you know I love the characters especially McNulty,  even AIDAN which when you read the book you will think I’m freaking insane. The plot is so well woven and has so many twists and turns I was left laughing my ass off one minute, to screaming the next, eventually followed by crying my eyes out…. rinse and repeat only!! I haven’t been on such an emotional rollercoaster that had me holding my breath for pages at a time in so freaking long.  I could go on forever but Im trying really hard not to spoil anything for anyone but please if you want to talk about the book comment below!!!!

So what I will leave you with is a simple quote from Illuminae lmao

“Mason, E : can you read? She threatening to kick me in the sopranos.”

I gave Illuminae 5 out of 5 Stars!!!

P.S Book Two, Gemina is now available to purchase!!



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