The YA Genre isn’t just for teens

Hey Boils and Ghouls,

I’ve had an agonizing busy schedule lately but one thing has been on my mind since I have been busy collecting books the last few months to read throughout the winter months. The thing I noticed which has never bothered me before but my husband noticed was I kept going down the young adult {YA} fiction aisles. It’s been years since I’ve been a teenager which on most days I am more than happy about. I think I do this because to be honest there really isn’t anything young about them except for maybe the age of the characters.

YA has the best stories right now, it’s the most popular genre which is why tons, and I mean tons!! of writers direct their attention toward it. Adult fiction has it’s moments, but it really is just the age of the characters and how “erotic” it can get without going overboard on the details, that separates the two. I also know that more people in their 20’s and 30’s are reading YA most likely more than the actual teens. I also hate that people look down on us that do read YA and think that because it stands for young adult, it is below us to read. So I am standing up and saying it proudly,

“I am 26 years old and I adore YA novels.”

Whose with me?!?



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