Unboxing {Wonderland} Owlcrate

YAY!! Time for another unboxing!! I have been waiting very impatiently for the November box from the epic subscription box service Owlcrate. This month the exciting theme was Wonderland!! So let’s no wait any longer because were late, were late for a very important date down the rabbit hole. Also at the end I will post the theme for December’s box so stay tuned.


Included in this box:

  • A Tea Blend any Mad Hatter would love created by Riddle’s Tea Shoppe and Adagio. It was designed specifically for Owlcrate!!
  • A gorgeous magnet created by the very talented Evie Bookish
  • A exclusive paper back edition and matching book mark of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland from Rock Paper Books and designed by Risa Rodil
  • An Owlcrate wonderland themed pin
  • A STUNNING Alice themed hand made bookmark created by Authored Adornments
  • Last but not least A gorgeous Hardback edition of Heartless by Marissa Meyer with an Owlcrate exclusive cover!! Note from the author and a cute quote card from the book itself.

Wow this crate was full of curiosities that are EPIC!!! which lets me leave you with next month’s Owlcrate Box Theme. Here’s the link to check out Owlcrate for yourself- http://owlcrate.com/




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