Gemina {Book Review-Spoiler Free}




Last night I finally finished Gemina, Book 2 in The Illuminae Files Series. On a normal day it would have taken me about a day to read it but thanks to the stomach flu, it took a bit longer.

For lack of a better word Gemina was EPIC, Exhilarating, romantic, hilarious, scary and artistic lol

At first I was a little comprehensive because Gemina surrounds new main characters instead of the ones I adore from book one, Kady & Ezra but it didn’t take long for me to fall just as in love with these brand new characters and everything that makes them so special.

Gemina is a Sci-Fi YA novel that surrounds Hannah Donnelly, Niklas Malikov and Ella Malikov aka Pauchok. Hannah is the daughter of the commander of jump station Heimdall, the destination of the damaged science vessel Hypatia from book one. While Niklas and Ella belong to a crime family that runs all the underground operations on Hiemdall.

Together, once biotech’s goons who have been the force to be reckoned with in the Illuminae Files infiltrate Heimdall, they fight to maintain control of Heimdall and at least try to escape with their lives. There is tons of twists, turns, romance, family banter, characters that have to grow up so quickly, and some major mind blowing and soul sucking lol moments I CANNOT WAIT TILL BOOK THREE!!!

I cannot say too much to keep it spoiler free because  I could talk about this series till Hypatia arrives hehe, so I will leave you with one of my favorite quotes from Gemina.

LittleNikisDrivingtheBus: BeiTech, what the living …

LittleNikisDrivingtheBus: Jesus Christ. ella can you PLEASE change my …ing name this….is serious

Pauchok: fine

MrSerious: BeiTech, what the living ….


I love how Ella keeps changing Nik’s handle, she does it so many times in the book lol

I gave Gemina, The Illuminae Files_02 5 out of 5 stars!!!!!!

Now the wait for book three begins. :”(  Guess it’s time to get dusted.



3 thoughts on “Gemina {Book Review-Spoiler Free}

  1. My copy is sitting on the coffee table – it’s been there for weeks. And I want to read it now. So bad. But I’m forcing to wait until the Christmas break so I have a couple of days to immerse myself in it without interruption. I think I’m turning into a sadomasochist…
    Thanks for sharing your review. It’s only fueling my excitement. Hurry up Christmas!


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