Scythe {Book Review-Spoiler Free}




So this week I flew through this dark, reverse dystopian novel titled Scythe by Neal Shusterman. I picked it up the DAY it was released, should have waited in hindsight because of course three days later they put out the signed copies :/ Oh well. I can officially say its one of my favorite reads ever!!

Scythe revolves around our world in the future yet it has become a kind of Utopian Society. Disease, war, all the bad things in life have been eradicated and for lack of a better word everyone is now Immortal. They can even turn back the clock and reverse the aging process. Well because no one is dying the world has an issue with overpopulation, so the scythdom has been created. They are people trained in the art of killing and have the task to “glean” people, also known as killing them.  This novel revolves around two apprentice Scythes’: Rowan and Citra. The only problem is since they are pitted against one another, the one who becomes a full Scythe has to kill the other… rules are rules. But could you kill your best friend/lover/relative?

This book gave me so many feels, it truly made me think about my existence, and I even felt as the characters did and the situations where they had to kill someone. If you enjoyed any Lois Lowry books such as The Giver Series or Number the Stars you will love this. Its packed full of adventure, intrigue, friendship, romance, evil, you name it Scythe has it. It also I believe is to be created into a series which would be epic, and if not it’s an AMAZING standalone. The feels and intrigue alone, I mean.. ah!!!  So I will leave you with two of my favorite quotes from the novel. As you can probably already guess I gave Scythe 5 out of 5 stars!!

“For only the pain of empathy will keep us human.”- Scythe Faraday

“Immortality has turned us into cartoons.”- Scythe Curie




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