Midnight Book Hole Rant about ACOTAR/ACOMAF

Hey boils and ghouls, Im writing you tonight because I am in an utter book hole, you know where you finish a book or series that just completely consumed you and now you cant let it go. You can’t leave that world or it’s characters. Man I haven’t had one of these since I finished  the Vampire Academy series. Ahh Demetri 🙂 {Totally one of my book husbands}

Thanks Sarah J Maas for digging a deep trench and throwing, no chucking my ass down into the depths of the night court. Why not throw a shoe at my head while your at it. {Inside joke bahaaa this is where you laugh if you’ve read a court of mist and fury..} Anyways I started trying to read a new book titled Spare and Found Parts. Im not sure if the book is just terrible or the book hole has me comparing the lack luster story and characters to my beloved Rhys and Velaris.

I mean the writing is wonky, and slow and so far the plot outlined in the blurb is nowhere to be seen, so instead of hastily rating it like 2 stars and never wanting to pick it up again, I put my quitter strip on page 88 and sat it back on my TBR pile, all while I pick back up book one A court of Thorns and Roses to re-read for a second time this month. Also I bought another edition this time hardcover of it on book outlet to look pretty next to my hardcover of a court of mist and fury. I know!! I have it in paperback why the hell would I waste good money on another copy. Well.. 1) it would match book 2 . 2) it was $10 and 3) IT WAS SIGNED!! I need help, like now!! I am currently in deep love with Rhysand and everything he stands for, so much so that I am going to reread both books and probably blog all my thoughts so if you don’t want to hear my ravings of a fangirl gone insane because the next book doesn’t make an appearance till May I warn you now. Also if your a fangirl or boy and want to discuss this world please talk to me! LMAO

So yeah that’s a midnight rant about how Sarah Mass ruined my reading streak but I love her for it. Any series or standalones inflict this torture upon yall lately, I would love to hear about it. I mean The Illuminae files had me pretty bad, but HTFKJYTVBLJNBGCUCJHV^

There’s just something about an Illyrian and their wingspan **Wink Wink**  I would pay to them measure….




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