A Court of Thorns and Roses Series Rant

             Spoilers Dead Ahead Captain! And Tons of them!


Turn back now if you haven’t read A Court of Thorns and Roses & Court of Mist and Fury, this is your last warning. Also this is a love filled rant not  hate because I could never in a gazillion years hate these books. This is a rant about every little detail I picked up re-reading in ACOTAR to really see if I could spot the hidden gems and Tamlin details I didn’t before. Here are my findings. Also beg your pardon if some are sparactic and random, it’s just my brain. 

So first off!

    Feyre: I loved how Sarah made Feyre the strong character she is. How all she wants in life is to have her sisters married off, enough food for her and her piece of shit father and perhaps some paints. Not much to ask for at all. Also the choice to make her illiterate was a brilliant stroke of genius, it made her very real even her being so thin and frail but still doing what was necessary to keep her promise to her piece of shit mother. She really has terrible parents! Also in the beginning and most of the way through book one I loathed her sisters. Whiny, bitchy, needy!! Im going to make you do everything because were idiots sisters! It’s not even like Feyre asked for much help, chop some wood, perhaps do something productive. Come On! No one in Feyre’s family I think truly loved her the way she deserved. Her sisters had a family bond but her parents never gave her a second thought when it came to her well being.

Halfway in after she has settled in to life at the spring court it finally dawns on her that she has lost herself  in the process whether by fate or Tamlin’s design. Pg.171 “Tamlin providing for them or not, glamouring their memories or no, I’d been….erased from their lives. Forgotten. I’d let him erase me. He’d offered me paints and the space and time to practice ; he’d shown me pools of starlight; he’d saved my life like some kind of feral knight in a legend; and I’d gulped it down like faerie wine. I was no better than those zealot Children of the Blessed.” Yeah Rhys never did this to her, he allowed her to work and team up, paid her a wage, made her feel useful and allowed her to see her family.

Moving on! Relationships: The way she described Feyre’s relationship with Isaac Hale being hungry, empty and sometimes cruel, it reminded me of her growing relationship with Tamlin. Hungry for sure, I mean they would leech onto each other in passion then him biting her when she didn’t want it, and told him to back off- cruel. It wasn’t until Rhys that she has a slow, beautiful relationship with actual meaning and heart in it.

Tamlin once described a mating bond as, a mate is their equal, their match in every way. Feyre is the most powerful fae woman and of course Rhys is the most powerful high lord there is. Also their personalities, shared experiences. They were meant to be unlike Tam who she hoped the mating bond would kick in. Tamlin’s curse was VERY specific after he told Amarantha that he would sooner take a human to his bed, sooner marry a human than her. Well her curse made him eat his words. Yet no where in the curse did it say Tamlin had to love the human in return!! He also had no reaction the first time she appeared before the throne room.

Rhys lied straight to Amarantha’s face about not being able to tell the difference between Feyre and Clare, to protect her. Pg 381 Rhys let down is guard completely, spoke candidly to Feyre, as who he truly is in MAF. When she went through the third trial Rhys was the first one to yell for her when Amarantha attacked, “Feyre!  someone roared. No not someone- Rhysand.  Before he kept an extremely close eye on her from the sidelines. Tamlin was sulking and healing. Rhys grabbed the knife from him and attacked Amarantha over, and over and over again even when his body was giving out and he was in excruciating pain. Feyre even begged for Amarantha to stop hurting Rhysand, who never quite fighting for her or yelling her name. Meanwhile Tamlin was on his hands and knees begging… again! Then when Feyre died, she managed to keep her soul tethered to her bond with Rhys saw through his eyes, his soul. Afterwards once she was saved she had a candid conversation with him telling him her most honest thought that she wished her heart changed too. Then of course after so long the mating bond snapped!!! Yay!!!

Onto the Men of ACOTAR! Yay, Baby Bat, Tamlin the Tool and Lucien the confused.

Tamlin: Pros-

  • He felt bad after seeing the hovel she lived in and how cowardly her family was when he burst through the door, he even made them wealthy and guaranteed their happiness and survival after he took their only source or survival.
  • He did offer to be her guide and spend time with her even though he didn’t want to.
  • He did thank Feyre for mending his hand, and caring enough to be concerned to ask “Has anyone ever taken care of you?”
  • He did offer to help her write letters multiple times but never to teach her how to write and told her it was a shortcoming, wtf dude! Yet it was kind of saved when he did say it wasn’t her fault it was a shortcoming.
  • He saved her from the Bogge, but made her fear him because of how he acts with his powers.
  • He cleaned up the gallery and got her the painting tools but was an asshat when he called her a hindrance for offering to work in exchange. She doesn’t like handouts, she works hard for everything.
  • He was thoughtful and nice to her when the fairy whose wings were ripped off died.
  • He knew it was hopeless so he sent her back to her family a extremely wealthy woman.
  • Since he was the first one to get back his full powers he killed Amarantha but not until he had made a complete fool out of himself.


  • Even though he saved her, he still forces her against her will like when he put the invisible straps on her during her first dinner.  
  • Tamlin willingly sent sentries over the walls to their deaths just to break his curse, yes it was a necessary evil but in the beginning he sent, more and more and more. His friends.
  • He wanted to make Feyre into a prim, party planning, never interfere in what he was doing, debutant like her mother.
  • Tamlin’s temper is way out of hand, and he always has his claws out which isn’t necessarily a bad thing but what he does with them most of the time. Yeah.
  • Tam loved to intimidate people with his roar, and he roars all the freakin time. Geez man use your words!
  • Tam is brutal, Lucien once said he would shred anyone who disobeyed him because its all his people are afraid of anymore. He kills then broods but doesn’t do anything to fix that.
  • Tam didn’t want to hurt humans like his father but ran to Hybern and signed a pact that would doom the humans. Guess apple doesn’t fall far from the tree at all.
  • His overprotective, keep her in the houseness, first reared its head when he left to go bury the dead faerie and would not let her go along.
  • He didn’t trust her out walking so he stalked her. STALKED her, so she snared him and he totally deserved it.
  • Instead of explaining the situation he was just mean and rude on Calanmai to her when she asked if she could go and again when she watched him leave for the festivities.
  • Tamlin after Calanmai pinning Feyre to the wall with his claws and biting her even after she told him to let her go. Forcing himself on her much!!! Also he told her to never disobey him again, Misogynistic much!!
  • Pg.199 Tam blames Feyre for him biting her, claiming she must have a death wish, and for his tendencies toward her. WTF!!!!
  • Also he was rude to her when she wanted to show him the painting of the starlight pond, he was like I know what that is and didn’t really look at it.
  • Pg 206 he reiterates that he wants her in the house, safe, where he knows where she’s at.  CAN YOU SAY POSESSIVE MUCH!!
  • Pg.209 Tam says High Fae  don’t give anything without gaining something from it. Rhys gave of himself , selflessly all the time. Tam just said this because he wanted Feyre to kiss him.
  • At solstice Tam ditches her, then Lucien warns her about the drink which she drinks and Tam is more than happy to care for her after she’s intoxicated!!
  • Coward ran away after fucking her before he sent her back to her family.
  • The one time he got a moment with Feyre under the mountain he tried to fuck her, that was it. Sex, all about it. Not talking, scheming, sex! what a loser.
  • He  says there’s no such thing as high ladies, and doesn’t let her learn hot to fight or learn to harness her powers.


  • Did Tamlin know Feyre’s mother? He said “Did she tell you about us?”
  • Did Tamlin only say I love you to Feyre in hopes she would say it and break the curse but never actually love her, but enjoyed possessing her?
  • Did Amarantha know Feyre was illiterate? if so who told her?



  • Knowing about the curse, he wasn’t sure Feyre was the one to break it, especially after he saw the state she was in when she arrived. What threw me off was when he kept saying he would be fine seeing her die, or being left to die.
  • He’s scared and wearily of Tamlin, obeys him almost like a dog but still tries to maintain a friendship. Lucien needs the kind of friendship Rhys has with his Illyrian Brothers.
  • He does have Feyre’s back when she really needs it. The Suriel even though he hesitated, the bogge, the fairy wine, he healed her broken nose, tried to get to her after the worm, warned her in the worm pit, the list goes on. He is on her side.
  • His loyalty is his downfall along with his fear for Tam. Since he has a mate now he needs to get his shit together.

Rhysand :

  • First appearance as a shadow in her dream pg. 101 “Behind me, a shadow lurked- no watched. I didn’t dare to turn and look at it, to see who might be within that shadow, observing.”
  • Pg 169. Second dream appearance. “All watched over by a shadow  I could never quite glimpse.”
  • When the faerie died with the ripped off wings she said that she wouldn’t want to die alone, she would want her hand held after. Tamlin was either to busy bleeding on the floor or going into beast mode. It was Rhys that fought for, Rhys that was with her while she died and held her within himself but Im getting ahead of myself as well…whoops.
  • Rhys made sure to spare Tamlin’s life after they killed his family for killing his mother and sister.
  • Pg 183. His siren call lol “There was a string-a string tied to my gut that pulled me towards those hills, commanding me to go.” Rhys knowing she was there and just needed to see her, he would have protected her.
  • Pg.184 “But a wild, wicked voice weaving in between the drumbeats whispered otherwise. “Go, that voice said, tugging at me, Go See”
  • Pg. 188 First contact. “There you are. I’ve been looking for you,” said a deep, sensual male voice I’d never heard. “, “Thank you for finding her for me,” my savior said to them, smooth and polished.;  “I stepped out of the shelter of my savior’s arm and turned to thank him. Standing before me was the most beautiful man I’d ever seen. Feyre never called Tam her savior, only her high lord and the most beautiful man she’d ever seen, included Tamlin LMAO
  • Pg. 189> Is all Rhys, showing how sweet and sassy he is, and how powerful But never anything but a pure gentleman.
  • Pg. 234> When Rhys shows up at the spring court you can tell by how calm Tamlin keeps himself because hes scared of Rhys, because he knows what he truly is capable of which is why he grovels before him and begs. Which he deserved for so many things over. Rhys was also pist they were hiding her.
  • Pg 254. When she is at home with her family. I couldn’t fight the sensation, like a darkening shadow within me, that I’d made a very, very big mistake leaving, no matter Tamlin’s orders. Stay with the High Lord, the Suriel had said, it’s only command.”
  • Pg 313. “Rhysand was watching me, wreathed in night and smiling faintly.” He was trying to be himself , it was his Cheshire cat evil smile, but one just for her, for moral support.
  • Pg 324. Rhys knew what she was doing and was praising her to the other fae, on how proud of her he was, boasting if you will. He never lost faith in her.
  • Pg.331> He tried being nice and caring but eventually had to get a bit authoritative with Feyre when he went to heal her arm after the bone shard was killing her. He was in utter love by now, he was truthful but twisted to keep the act up.
  • Pg. 343 “He let out a low laugh, warming my blood.”
  • All while he healed her, he made sure her food rations were switched to proper meals. Also when they made her clean up the lentils he made sure they left her alone all the time, and never had to do those tasks again.
  • Pg 348. Once he starts painting her, he does it to not only ensure he would know if anyone, not just Tamlin touches her, another way of protecting her. Also he is already putting her in a crown!!
  • Pg 356. She knows she’s safe with him. ” I opened my mouth not too proud to ask Rhysand not to leave me alone with them while he dealt with Amarantha, but he put a hand on my back and nudged me along.” When she was in close proximity to Lucien’s evil brothers, she may hate Rhys right now but knows he wont let anything hurt her.
  • When Rhys had to kill the Lordling, she saw the signs that made her sense he didn’t like doing it, and made it a mercy killing.
  • He saved her in the 2nd challenge by making his bond with her reach the right handle since she couldn’t read the riddle.
  • Pg 366. He kept her whole and her image in front of Amarantha with talking to her in her bond, forcing her to stand and stare down the beast.
  • Pg 368. he checked on her afterwards further keeping her together, pg 369. “It took me a long while to realize that Rhysand, whether he knew it or not, had effectively kept me from shattering completely.”
  • Pg 375. Rhys played the music and showed her the night court which kept her whole and made her strive to survive and she knew her mate was there. “Up and up, building to a palace in the sky, a hall of alabaster and moonstone, where all that was lovely and kind and fantastic dwelled in peace. I wept to be so close to that palace, wept with need to be there. Everything I wanted was there-the one I loved was there-”
  • Pg.376 Rhys doesn’t give her the fae wine, and call on her because he knows its her last chance to maybe be alive before he third trial so she allows a hole for her to see Tam, then saves her from Amarantha and Tam when he catches them making out, then puts himself in danger with Amarantha making her think he was with her instead.
  • He makes her learn to read, control her powers and fight.
  • He loves her with every fiber of his being, he lets her be as free as she wants, he protects her, he is her equal she is THE HIGH LADY of the NIGHT COURT!!!

                                                Signs of her destined for the Night Court ACOTAR

  • Pg. 90- When the Bogge attack one of the images to help keep her from looking at the Bogge was .“A starry, unclouded night sky, peaceful and glittering and endless.”
  • Pg.119 – After dealing with a rude Tamlin she thought.” Maybe there would be someone, human or faerie or whatever, who could understand what my life- what I- had become these past few years.” RHYS!!
  • Pg.125- She was thinking about what it would be like to be immortal, and foreshadowing problems with Tam. “but if I were Immortal, I might want a little variation to pass the time. I’d  probably want to do more than lurk about a manor house, too. Though I still hadn’t worked up the nerve to make the request.”
  • Pg.129 When she captured the Suriel. “Stay with the High Lord human, that’s all you can do. You will be safe; Do not interfere, do not go looking for answers after today, or you will be devoured by the shadow over Prythian. He will shield you from it, so stay close to him; and all will be righted.” Yeah not talking about Tam, this is all Rhys, he shields her and rights the wrongs with her.
  • Pg.162 When Tam asked what would make her happy, the last option he spat out was. “Or a garland of moonlight?” Also her love for the pond full of starlight
  • Pg. 225 ” I wanted to swim in it, wanted to bathe in its colors and feel the stars twinkling between my fingers.” At solstice, after the fae wine.


I know these are all very random thought and quotes but made me appreciate ACOMAF so much more. Did you spot any I didn’t? Would love to know. I love the web Sarah weaves and cannot wait till May!!




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  1. I LOVE those Tumblr posts you added in – when you piss off Tamlin just right…. 🙂 I loved this post, and thoroughly enjoyed reading it.


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