The Rose & The Dagger {Book Review-Spoiler Free}


The Rose & The Dagger…. wow I read this gorgeous novel in 20 hours! This is book 2 of Renee Ahdieh’s duology which is a retelling of sorts of 1,001 nights also known as Arabian Nights.

Book one was thrilling, heart stopping, romantic and everything you want in a great novel but it is nothing without its ending, this amazing novel. I was crying, screaming at certain characters, falling in love with new ones. You cannot compare The Wrath & The Dawn to this one because it truly is one fluid story in the whole sense of the word.  This duology is officially in my favorites of all time category when it comes to books and I truly anticipate much more from this amazing author. She not only writes amazingly but she’s a true artist with her words, when a book can make you hungry and yearn to be within its page with his Caliph then you know you found a winner.

I highly recommend these novels to anyone, and I mean anyone who loves a mesmerizing story. 5 out of 5 stars for sure!! And I hope one day she might return to these characters because I already miss them dearly, will be rereading very soon.



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