Ice Like Fire {Book Review-Spoiler Free}





The covers on these books just keep getting more gorgeous not gonna lie. Alrighty so I do admit right off the bat I was a bit skeptical about this series after the first book, which don’t get me wrong was good I truly enjoyed it but I expected this book to have middle child syndrome but wow I loved this book so much more than the first one, yet I now appreciate more things in the first book than before but before I get too ahead of myself  this review is of Ice Like Fire, book two of the Snow Like Ashes Trilogy by Sara Raasch.

This is a continuation of the fight for the Winter Kingdom along with the search for the magic chasm and a whole lot of drama, trouble and steamy-ness…..literally. Turns out I would die if I ever had to journey to the Summer Kingdom like the main character Meira has to in this book. I’m totally a winter girl, anyway!

This really grips you from the beginning, while the action doesn’t truly start till almost the end, its the middle of the journey that you really need to discover and really learn to love the characters and their own journeys. This one also bounced back between two view points, the characters of Meira and Mather. Don’t worry though, they only did this jump about four times. So like 3 or 4 chapters were Meira just like book one, then one chapter of Mather. I did really want more Mather but I expect to read more from his pov in book 3 Frost Like Night the conclusion, which I don’t have yet so when I finished this at 6:30am I immediately ordered it on amazon, just wish it was paperback just like the other two I have but I need it now and was not going to wait till September!!! for it to be in paperback. Sorry small rant but its one of the books that you just have to know what happened I mean the ending AHHHHHH!!!! I was left going, NOOOOO and I KNEW IT!!!! and NOOOOOO again. I love this book and now it’s one of my new all time favorite fantasy reads, I gave book 2 Ice like Fire, which I LOVE the names as well. 5 out of 5 stars!!  If you love a great story, amazing characters, and magic I really highly suggest this series…. btw Mather….yummy!!!!! Just putting it out there. Now onto book 3 which I have to wait till Tuesday… Boooo.



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