Frost Like Night {Book Review-Spoiler Free}




I am officially a sad book dragon, I finally finished Frost Like Night by Sara Raasch which is the third and final book in the Snow Like Ashes Trilogy.

Ahh the cover gets to me again, it’s so pretty! Anyway I hate finishing series because I hate when they end and this book didn’t disappoint. The fantasy aspect as always was so epic, the magic and mystery spellbinding and the characters I just love and cried… ugly tears cried over.

If the main character Meira couldn’t get any more badass, well she topped it! And I loved the three different viewpoints. In most stories it can be hard to follow but this one it was epic and I can’t quit fan girling. I need more, I need short stories… anything!

The only thing I have to say about this finally was the epilogue I would have liked done differently, perhaps more romantic. And the romantic moments and tension I have waited for three books for didn’t disappoint!. Overall 5/5 stars and wish there was more about the Wintertarians and other seasons and Rhythms. If you want to more about this series check out my other two reviews and read this series, it’s awesome!! One of my favorite fantasy series now for sure.

ALSO there is a prequel short story titled Icicles Like Kindling which is awesome for any fans of this series so here is the link to read it 🙂 Read Icicled Like Kindling Here

Stay tuned because I will be doing a spoiler filled series thought rant in the next week or so.




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