Whoops! My Marvel Fangirl is Showing…












Ok so I am not just a major bookworm but also a huge geek overall and if you know what the words up top mean you probably already guessed it lol If you didn’t they are The Winter Soldier’s trigger words from Marvel Comics.

  Well this past Tuesday my OTP, I mean my #1 of all time, One True Pairing finally is being raised from the dead, and when I mean dead I mean they sank my ship, then torpedoed it into teeny pieces and then nuked it. It was so bad all shippers took over the ship and it has lived on in AU’s and Fan fictions but thanks to terrible tv ratings they brought it back. SKYEWARD LIVES!!


If you were or are fan’s of Marvel’s Agents of Shield you already know what happened but if your not, this most likely wouldn’t interest you in the least so, sorry not sorry. I need to rant.  After heart break after heart break since the Midseason finally of season 1 and Jed Whedon’s fucking up what could have been an epic story and redemption arc, I finally quit watching the show after Season 3 finally where Hive was obliterated. Now a half season later they are pulling us Skyeward shippers back in with a possible AU that I know will destroy me because they will kill Grant Ward for the third freaking time!!

I am a huge tumblr person an have been arguing over Grant Ward for years especially when I compare him to Bucky Barnes (Winter Soldier) or god forbid Black Widow. I mean come on people if Coulson or any of team 6 would have given him a true second chance like they seem to do everyone else, he would have been fine! grrr. Now Jed is using the character that people either love desperately or love to hate back for ratings. I am happy that Brett is back on AOS in April but I swear if they kill him off or turn him evil AGAIN there is nothing they can do even bringing him back again to keep me as a fan. Most of the time I just pretend seasons 1 1/2- now never existed and everything is great and it’s perfect. Grrr. Rant over!!

Me: *wants to start watching AoS again cause Brett’s back*

Also me: “I told myself I was done with this show”


I mean that’s really bad because after the season 3 finally this is what I wrote on tumblr

“Well tonight is the AOS season 3 Finally and we know at least one person will die tonight. If Ward/Hive is one of them I’m done permanently with the show. My Hellfire theory is officially out of the window and the only thing I have left to hope for is for hive to be extracted and ward to at least be alive. Yet it’s AOS writers were talking about and every single mid season to season finally has some kind of ward fuckery. And now marvels most wanted will never happen and agent carter was cancelled. So here’s to one more day I stand with Grant ward, one more post where I preach he might still have a chance and he and Skye are endgame. One last day where I take my place beside you all until the battle begins. I will forever stand with Ward and Skyeward till the end. So here’s to us the Ward Warriors may we not have to meet back up here for a spies farewell to Brett tonight. ”

Yet all it takes is 3 little scenes to make me come running back like an idiot


I am a proud Ward Warrior and will always Stand with him, so Im back as Skyeward rises from the dead….again


                                                                  One last thing! A: They should have never made Ward Evil. B: If they did they should of had a damn redemption arc. C: HE SHOULD HAVE BEEN HELLFIRE!!


Now they need to bring him back through the AU framework as a regular on the show but I bet like 3 episodes in he will be dead as a doornail once again and then I will cry for another year because they suck and I am still hating Coulson, and Hate that Skye is all but gone, Daisy isn’t… 😦




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