Writing is my calling

Well as yall know I am a proud book dragon but a huge milestone in my life occurred on one of my favorites days of the year, Mardi Gras. So after a few too many years I finally graduated from SNHU with a B.A in Creative Writing with a concentration in fiction.  I have been working on my “novel” since 2009 and it’s millions of miles away from being finished. I have no plot, at least in my mind. I have no idea where it’s going to go, or what it will ever turn into.

I also have a couple other story ideas brewing in my head that I act out in my mind’s eye but can’t seem to start them on paper or blinking document… But lately I have been working on some fanfictions that I can honestly say I am quite proud of. I don’t write them to offend the show or anything but more as in alternate versions that I can have fun with and explore working on all my newly learned skills, especially plot development.

This week I started a new fiction which is based on one of my favorite MCU movies, Captain America, The Winter Soldier. Ever since I read the comics, Bucky has been a favorite of mine and I wanted to craft an alternate story that would give him…more. Something just as deep as his connection with Steve but a love like Steve had with Peggy.

I really hope by the end of the year I do have a rough draft of my own manuscript finished so I can start the process of  hopefully getting published but till then. Yay for graduation and having some fun with fanfiction writing.

If you care to check em out here’s my works.







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