Which Point of View is better?

Well I officially have an extremely hard time switching point of views while I write. Why is writing 3rd person limited so much easier? At least for me anyways. It always reminds me of telling a story to a child, you know how its goes. “Once upon a time there was a….” and so on and so forth. Which leaves me with the issue of, if I switch points of view, I have no idea how to re-write my prologue or first chapter/ dream sequence of my novel. The only one I can sort of figure out is Chapter two when we come to my main character who is waking up from said dream sequence… well to be fair its a nightmare.

Ok so here is a sample from the original (But needs to be edited probably a half dozen more times)


Faith jolted awake, covered in sweat and gasping for air. A mess of grey sheets and loose feathers from her pillow surrounded her as she let her heart slow. Once the pounding subsided she stood up, a slight headache starting to form.

Fumbling to the bathroom she ran her hands across the wall until she found the light switch. Her eyes cringing at the sudden light, blinding her for a split second. Trudging to the sink she began to run warm water into the basin. Dipping her hands in she splashed her face, for a while she just stood there, head hanging, drawing in deep breaths.

“I’m getting too old for this,” She sighed.

Raising her head slowly she looked into the tarnished mirror that hung above the sink, only to discover her eyes red and swollen from crying.

Turning away from the mirror disheveled by her appearance, she wandered back into her bedroom. The alarm clock flashed 4:25 a.m. on the nightstand. Groaning, she plopped down on the bed, pulling a pillow over her head


Now I am giving my  first whack at 1st person pov, please don’t laugh too hard… no.. no, go ahead laugh all you want I know it probably will be an epic fail lmao It will most likely come out like a possum playing on a typewriter. (Isn’t that an awesome mental picture to have)

Hissing, the constant sound of restricted air was the only sound in the room, only one problem though, it wasn’t the air conditioner or a fan. It was me, gasping so loudly for air you would have thought I was dying.

The room spun slightly as I bolted up in bed, the pounding in my chest battling it out with my throbbing  head for the title of most painful wake up call. It takes a few minutes to untwist myself from the mess of grey sheets, which during the night had probably become the only thing keeping my ass from landing hard on the floor with all the thrashing it looked like I had been doing.

Case an point, a newly gutted pillow, feathers scattered everywhere, their sharp tiny ends poking me as I fight my way off the bed.

Staggering, my legs not quite awake as the rest of me, I find my way across the hall to the bathroom. My hands fumbling over the wall trying to find the light switch.

“Dammit, where the hell is it?”

The sudden burst of light is blinding for a few seconds, squinting, I turn on the faucet waiting for my eyes to adjust.The warm water running over my fingers is relaxing, its touch calming as I splash my face forcing myself back into reality. The water droplets bead on my skin as I just stand there, head hanging over the sink drawing in deep breaths, letting the migraine die down.

Glancing up at the mirror, my appearance is as disheveled as the tarnished glass it’s reflecting in. No wonder my head hurts, my eyes are beet red. The kind of red that only happens after you’ve been balling your eyes out for hours.

“I’m getting way too old for this.” I can’t help but complain to universe. If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a thousand times, yet only to myself on days like this.

Who am I kidding? I say it to myself all the freaking time, it’s not normal to cry like a damn baby when you’re having a nightmare, it’s just not…it’s wrong on so many levels.


Ok so I attempted it and actually kind of like the first person, it gives some insight to my characters sass which I am always having a hard time pointing out in 3rd person. Anyone have any opinions or advice? I’d love to hear them!!! Or which one you prefer?!?!?




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