My Dream Loot Crate: Vampire Slayer Crate




So today I wanted to share with you all my dream Lootcrate box. Lootcrate if you didn’t know is a monthly themed subscription box for geeks and gamers. I leapt at the chance to participate when I was  approached a little while ago to think up my dream box and sky was the limit along with the theme and this is what I came up with.

Now I was torn between themes because I am a epic fan of all things Marvel, Supernatural and Buffy but this box sounded the most amazing.



  • Buffy’s Cross replica that angel gave her in season one because it’s amazing!
  • My favorite statue of my favorite slayer Faith Lehane the Rogue Slayer wielding her favorite knife to go on my bookshelf and be awesome
  • A Replica of Faith’s Blade she received from the Mayor
  • The Box and Replica of Mr. Pointy, Buffy’s favorite Stake
  • I’m the slayer T-shirt
  • Sunnydale Class Ring!! 
  • The Chosen One necklace

Well with all this gear I’d be ready to head down to the Hellmouth and get into the action. This was so fun to do! Thanks so much Lootcrate! If you could make your dream crate what would it be? What would you include if sky was the limit?


Check out Lootcrate! It is a great monthly subscription service which gives great mystery goodies and you even have a choice of which one to get.   for more information

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