Defy the Stars {Book Review-Spoiler Free}




Hi everyone! I am coming to you from the wonderful world of Disney in Florida! And it’s more appropriate than you know when it comes to the new sci-fi series by one of my favorite authors, Claudia Gray.

The first thing I thought when reading Defy the Stars, book one of the Constellation series was the character Abel is a full size Wall-E!! And I simply adore him so, so much.

So those of you who have no idea what this series is about here is a little info lol

Defy the Stars is a Sci-Fi Ya series that surrounds two characters. Noemi who is a soldier for her planet of Genesis which is involved with a war with Earth; and Abel, a machine that has evolved past the point of return after being left in insolation for thirty years . In my mind he really is a combination of Wall-E and  Lt. Commander Data from Star Trek, The Next Generation.  Noemi and Abel are sworn enemies but an event triggers a series of events that throw them together, sometimes literally and force them to learn about one another and the fate of their universe which is much more complicated than they both originally knew.

This series captured me within the first few pages. But I knew I was in love when I met Abel. This book captured so many feelings within it’s pages and truly made me think about everything I know as a person and about our planet. It was fast paced and kept me laughing, blushing {omg it made me blush at a certain proposition}. Scream and cry. I really hate a certain character now that I liked beforehand. And I do love the Star Ship so much.

The sci-fi premise and tech is spot on and Claudia has once again created a full cast of characters I am so drawn too. The ending had me encapsulated and so immersed I was in disbelief it was over and have to wait a year for book 2. I want to cry I need Defy the Worlds NOW! If you want to read an epic book that’s fun and loving and really makes you feel in a good way. Check out Defy the Stars. 5 out of 5 stars!!!


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