Owlcrate’s Comic Explosion Book Tag

comic explosion

Finally!! Combining my two biggest literature passions. Books and Comics!! I have thousands of comics and my collection is ever growing so when Owlcrate decided to do this theme I was all over it so let’s get to it

Sidekick: Best supporting or side character Ella Malikov, Nik’s cousin also known as Pauchok. I love her, she is sassy, smart and bad ass. She saves everyone’s ass multiple times and is the perfect sidekick but a true hero on her own for sure.







Kryptonite: Your least favorite trope Not really sure if its a trope but insta love for the prince… ugh I’m not a fan of princes unless they are warriors first but trading a good man in for the crown I mean come on…


Costume Change: Best cover change HUGE STEPHEN KING FAN!! I loved the old cover but the new one is simple yet is more true to the story concept over all then the original.  “They all float down here”

costume change

The Daily Planet: A fictional occupation A member of the Black Clan, Ninja badasses but I would love to be like Okami… no spoilers 🙂 You’ll know what I mean if you read it.

the daily planet

The Justice League: Best squad Obviously the night court!! Rhys, Feyre, Mor, Cassian, Azriel and Amren! They are squad goals to a T!!

justice league

Super Villain: Best antihero  Aidan, the ship Alexander’s A.I I love him and also want to scream my lungs out at him!


The Batcave: A character’s home you’d like to live in One word…. Velaris but I wouldn’t mind the palace above the court of nightmares. Its moonstone and a bath that’s a pool that’s on the side of a mountain… yes please.

the batcave

Training Montage: Best character development Abel, the android. He transitions so much and hes so easy to love and root for. He goes so far by the end he is an all together different character, in a great way!

training montage

Well that’s it folks, the comic explosion tag by Owlcrate stay tuned for my unboxing of this box coming soon, please check out Owlcrate it’s an amazing bookish subscription service!!



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