The Space Between the Stars {Book Review-Spoiler Free}


the space


Well I was very fortunate to receive not only one but two copies of this novel for review. The first thanks to the amazing publishers over at Netgalley and then I won a hardcopy from Goodreads.

First off I adore the left hand cover which was the ARC cover but I wanted to also share the finalized cover which you will be able to buy in stores and online June 13th, 2017.


The initial premise that drew me into this book besides the arc cover was the synopsis

In a breathtakingly vivid and emotionally gripping debut novel, one woman must confront the emptiness in the universe—and in her own heart—when a devastating virus reduces most of humanity to dust and memories.

   All Jamie Allenby ever wanted was space. Even though she wasn’t forced to emigrate from Earth, she willingly left the overpopulated, claustrophobic planet. And when a long relationship devolved into silence and suffocating sadness, she found work on a frontier world on the edges of civilization. Then the virus hit… Now Jamie finds herself dreadfully alone, with all that’s left of the dead. Until a garbled message from Earth gives her hope that someone from her past might still be alive.  Soon Jamie finds other survivors, and their ragtag group will travel through the vast reaches of space, drawn to the promise of a new beginning on Earth. But their dream will pit them against those desperately clinging to the old ways. And Jamie’s own journey home will help her close the distance between who she has become and who she is meant to be…”

I was drawn in from the first page, its a very interesting beginning to a novel which isn’t simply a sci-fi novel but something much more. The longer I read the deeper my connection with all the diverse array of characters became. The themes the author added into the core plot of this book truly make one stop and think about situations in our own lives and our futures. It leaves you pondering your place in the universe and the vast array of choices one can make in life.  I will admit that even though the first few chapters captured my sci-fi lover imagination it took me about 50 pages to truly become engrossed and decide whether the character quirks were ones that would annoy me incessantly or would become something much more.

Anne truly shaped her apocalypse type world with all manner of people. Not just color or creed but personality types and quirks. There is one character in particular that is very introverted and I simply adore her because I can truly relate to her and her quirks. There is also a character on the autistic spectrum whom I love dearly in this book.  Religion but not a typical call on religion is very prevalent and a central part in this novel which I can see could rub some the wrong way. Yet in my eyes it was done perfectly and there were some passages that felt as if the author pulled the thoughts right out of my mind.  There were in the end a couple things I would have liked to have changed in the book, one regarding the re homing of a horse but overall because I cannot spoil it for those who want to join me in enjoying this book. Sit down, take your time, and don’t give up if it doesn’t catch you right off the bat. The entire story is a puzzle that is slowly put together and in the end its as beautiful as the stars.

I gave this 5 out of 5 Stars!


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