Blood Rose Rebellion {Book Review-Spoiler Free}

31020402Well I have finally finished book one, Blood Rose Rebellion, of the Blood Rose Rebellion series by author Rosalyn Eves.  I was fortunate enough to receive a copy for honest review from Blogging for books and I must say I wasn’t disappointed.

So this book is a fantasy/ historical YA novel that surrounds the character Anna Arden. Anna has a really hard time in society because she is barren in an aristocratic community ruled by magic.  Yet throughout the novel she discovers there is something that makes her much more than the simple magicians that surround her.  It takes place in both England and Hungry with an array of magical characters, gypsies, rebellious fanatics and a true desire to do what is right no matter the cost.

I was captured by the first page because the world of magic that the author has created is extremely lifelike and unique. I especially love the old world magic, lore and true immersion into places like Buda Pest.  It also brought some long time problems with society to the surface that made the rebellion something that I would have gladly joined arms in.

There are some places where it gets a bit slow and political but it is needed to progress the story arc where it needs to go. I highly suggest this new series for people who love magical worlds, interesting turns of events and has a deep desire for the rights of others. So I would say its a Les Miserable but Fantasy with a twist if you may .  I gave this great book 5 out of 5 stars and look very forward to book two in the series debuting next spring. Lost Crow Conspiracy.



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