About Me



I am a lost girl, an adventurer, a dragon rider, a burglar, a dreamer…I am a reader.” -Unknown

Welcome everyone! I’m D.J King.

Thank you so much for visiting my site, let me a take a minute to get better acquainted with you.

As you’ve probably already guessed I am a bookworm. But I am also a professional photographer, equestrian and aspiring novelist. I have always been passionate about books and writing, even from a young age. Yet it was the old worlds that called to my soul. I use to spend hour upon hour studying Ancient Egypt, yet as I grew up my interests spread through time to the sinking of the R.M.S Titanic, speakeasies during the roaring 20’s, and the wars the plagued the world over. These odd interests for a child were spurred by my grandfather who lovingly told me stories from his time in WWII and his affection for history. But the inclination he truly instilled within me was that for the paranormal. Ghost stories and tales of the supernatural were my bedtime stories, which in turn transformed my dreams into vast tales that would have to be put to paper the moment I awoke.468548_3947194600043_1484235957_o


But my passion for writing didn’t truly take wing until I was in the sixth grade, where my teacher continued to inspire me with book after book and various writing assignments; forcing me out of my introverted shell.

Growing up within a strong family in a small southern town served me well as inspiration for my stories. Even more so when due to illness I lost most of my beloved family in a few months time. Thankfully writing was a safe place where I could express my thoughts and feelings, resulting in many a poem and novella. To this day you can see my past influences deep within my stories as I work my way through college towards a bachelor’s in Creative Writing.

In the future I hope to finally finish my historical paranormal fiction book series that I has been slowly writing since 2009. Encouraged by Seth Grahame-Smith’s adaptation  Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, bringing historical fiction and the paranormal together has molded my two loves into one that one day I hope will top the bestseller list.

One day I hope to engulf a new generation of readers within my books because the characters are relatable and the pages are easy to become completely immersed in. Hopefully being a book series that after you’ve finished reading, it is like waking up from a wonderful dream world in which you can visit anytime you need to escape reality.



                               Little Known Facts

~~Every year for our wedding anniversary, my husband and I go to either Disneyland or Disney World. We LOVE Disney!! 


~~My favorite thing to photograph is the milky way and stars.13217149_10206284994065496_5012114945422830074_o Especially in Utah.

~~I am a complete Comic book nerd.

~~Guilty Pleasure is collecting Funko Pop Figures. I use them to decorate my book shelves.

~~Along with traveling, my best friend and I investigate paranormal hotspots. Two of our favorites is the Missouri State Penitentiary & New Orleans.

~~ Food downfall: Chicken and Dumplings, Mashed Potatoes with brown gravy and Macaroni & Cheese.

~~I have a lot of furry babies, many of which I rescued from kill shelters. I also save them and rehome them. If I won the lottery I would probably use it to save neglected animals.


Thanks again for visiting!!