Character Interviews

Faith Rue’lle from my series The Unholy Trinity Chronicles

What is your name? Faith Rue’lle

Where is your residence?  I live in a balcony apartment in the French Quarter of New Orleans when I’m not at school or home. 

What is your hometown and local culture like? Hometown? Don’t really have one but I would say if any St.Francisville Louisiana, its mostly good ole southern with some Cajuns mixed in.

Are you married, single, seeking a relationship, avoiding romance? Is romance not even being a bleep on my radar screen an answer?

What is your income source and/or occupation? I’m a student…so broke. No I am a tour guide at a plantation half the year and a bartender the other half, especially during Mardi Gras.

What is your education? In college at the moment studying equestrian science.

What do you want to hide? Well obviously if I want to hide it, I wouldn’t be telling anyone. In reality some moments growing up that made me become more proactive about protecting myself physically. Also these creepy nightmares I have had ever since I can remember.

What is the person you are most dependent on (your dad, the welfare office, your personal maid, your seeing-eye-dog, your mailman)? I’ve learned not to be dependent on anyone, because sooner or later everyone lets you down. But the one person who I always go to is my dog Rogue. he’s an 8 year old German Shepherd I’ve had since he was a puppy.

Can people get the gist of who you are when first meeting you, or is your true self so hidden we would need to know you for a long time? Or somewhere in between?  You will either love me or hate me in the first 5 minutes of meeting me, there is no in-between. But if I had to choose not even my closest friends and family no my true self, that’s hidden and hidden for a good reason. 

What is your accent or dialect? I’m southern so a have a southern draw. Can’t help it, sometimes people even think its sexy.

What is your favorite holiday and how do you celebrate it? Halloween or as I call it Samhain. I do a ritualistic sacrifice and collect the tears of the dead… I’m joking, kind of. I do pay my respects to the dead then dress up and go have a party with my friends.