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1959415_10201774575267845_4157142042160948229_n              The Unholy Trinity Chronicles: Book One

                              The Unforgiven: Crave

Southern Belle, Faith Rue’lle is being haunted by her nightmares of another time and place. These tormenting dreams find her in the year 1469, condemned to a fate worse than death . But while awake Faith goes on with life filled with trials of love and loss with her best friend Mica and a newcomer that has came, not for friendship but… her life. Yet there is something about her that stops his primal instincts and makes him fight against all odds, including his creator to find the connection to him that she possesses (Not yet Published)




The Unholy Trinity Chronicles: Book Two

The Unforgiven: Ravaged

New Orleans, Dean is getting closer to his target as well as Mica. Who will Faith chose and what will happen at the Rebel Ball… (Not yet Published)





                                   Anubis Falling

The great Pharaoh Akhenaten of ancient Egypt has two sons, one incredibly smart that has the gift of the written word. He is known to the people as the god Thoth’s human form but he is not the only prince… another was born, one cold and unfeeling . A born warrior, that brings death to all who meet him upon the battlefield, the great god Anubis’s human form. On a day when Anubis returns from battle, Thoth presents his father with a gift of slave dancers to gain favor. Because of Anubis’s great win he grants him the gift of keeping the dancer of his choice. This dancer will present the greatest challenge Anubis has ever faced. (Not Yet Published)